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Neucrad is my personal blog site which is focused on current trends in research and development in the field of Biomedical Science. I am using this platform to develop improved learning and communication skills.

Disclaimer: Neucrad is a personal blog site as a part of career development. Neucrad’s blogs  bring information to our regarding research, clinical trials and regulatory approvals to improve science communication in community. Neucrad is not providing any consultation to patients. Neucrad is also not prescribing any medicine for any patient.  Neucrad’s blogs are not for any commercial purposes (income, promotion, reference, etc) nor claiming any finding for any organization. I write blogs in my spare time for learning and sharing it in community for awareness and improved scientific knowledge. There are no conflicts of interest. Sometimes, I use creative common Wikipedia images  which are in public domain with copyright permission. I don’t provide any service to others.